Racingeyewear has been an official reseller of Formula 1 sunglasses and Red Bull sunglasses since 2021. Especially the Red Bull sunglasses have been a popular item for years for everyone who has some affinity with the Red Bull brand. For those of you who think that this brand is only related to racing, you are sorely mistaken.

The Red Bull sunglasses collection contains more than just sunglasses. The entire collection falls under the name "Red Bull SPECT Eyewear." This is the eyewear line of the Red Bull brand. This product line includes:
- Red Bull sunglasses
- Red Bull ski goggles
- Red Bull cycling goggles
- Red Bull cross goggles

Red Bull Sunglasses
This is the largest group in the assortment. These lifestyle glasses are still divided into a few categories and each category contains its own unique features. The cheapest line is called"SHOUT!". These are fashionable lifestyle eyewear at a very attractive price. Prices range between € 79 and € 89. These unisex glasses fit like a glove and are totally contemporary! These Red Bull Spect glasses can be worn by both men and women, and include a nice variety of models and colors.

Besides this SHOUT! collection, there is also a "Sports" collection. The popular sunglass model"WING" is very popular among people who have a sporty lifestyle and who want their Red Bull sunglasses to stay in place at all times. This WING model has the unique feature that an additional iron bar can be slid out of the leg of the glasses which clamps behind the ear. In this way, your Red Bull sunglasses are twice as tight and will not move out of place. When you're done with your sporting activity, simply slide these steel rods back into the temple of the glasses and the WING glasses become normal sporty Red Bull sunglasses again.

The last SPORTS model is the Red Bull Speed collection. These glasses are suitable for the real performance lovers. The lenses of these Red Bull sunglasses are at the same depth as the frame, so that the optimum aerodynamics are created. In addition, a sporty look is indicated by making the lenses not rectangular or round, but more oval.