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Red Bull ski goggles are very popular among winter sports enthusiasts. This is not only because of the sophisticated functionality and advanced technology, but also because of the amazing looks!

Let's take a look at some of the techniques used in Red Bull ski goggles:

  • Double lens; The Red Bull goggles are made of a special aluminium alloy that prevents the lens from fogging up and gives you optimal vision on the slopes at all times.
  • Chrom X; Thanks to this technology, the lens adapts to the current light conditions and ensures that you always have the best contrast
  • PC lens; Strong glass that does not shatter in a crash
  • I Boost; for optimal contrast and sharpness
  • Panotech; for the best panoramic image

Each Red Bull goggle model has its own features and specifications. Check out the features in the product description of each Red Bull ski goggle to see what specs your goggles have!

Red Bull skibril

Besides the advanced technology, Red Bull goggles are super cool to look at! The design and coloring is almost unique compared to other goggles on the market.
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